Genoa by night
When night falls, the city changes.
Dark shadows loom over the ornate façades of the aristocratic palazzi and the marble of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.
Voices soften, and you start to hear the furtive steps and feel the presence of invisible people. Small shrines act as handy waymarks in the maze of alleys that is the caruggi. Creatures of the night appear in the deserted lanes, strange and unexpected, and you catch a glimpse of fleeting presences where the narrow streets meet.
Could they be the ghosts of Genoa’s past?

Historic shops
Shopping in Genoa gives you a unique feeling of going back in time.
In the city centre you can buy all sorts of products in beautiful shops that are still family-owned, as they have been for generations.
Their ancient furnishings are a sight to behold, and the owners are proud of their work and history.
There are well over thirty to admire, including pharmacies, apothecaries, butchers, tripe shops, poultry shops, cafés, patisseries and chocolatiers, barbers and glassmakers, not to mention the sciamadde and farinotti, which sell traditional fried and baked food.

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno
Staglieno is the most important monumental cemetery in Europe, a place where the stone portraits show a cross-section of Genoese upper-class society.
The magnificent sculptures depict historical events, deep feelings, love, respect, honour and the great sadness of being apart.
Extremely fine details tell the story of the everyday life of days gone by. Realism takes us into families’ intimate lives, while symbolism transports us to a parallel, imaginary world.
The cemetery is huge. Many famous people are buried here, both Italian and foreign.
The tombs are extremely varied, both historically and stylistically, forming a medley of grand and impressive monuments and artworks.
A true open air museum.