Tailor-made tours in Genoa and the Italian riviera

Why choose me?

“Let your adventurous spirit always lead you on to discover the world that surrounds you, with all its oddities and its wonders. Once you discover it, you will love it”. Kahlil Gibran

I often ponder what I would like to visit and discover in my city and the Riviera if I were a traveller, but then I stop myself! I am not a tourist in my city, I am the guide; and I don’t recommend places and itineraries, but instead suggest ideas, perceptions and sensations.
Your visit will be shaped around your interests, your personality and your tastes.
Are you stopping off on a cruise ship or yacht, or arriving by plane, train or car? Are you staying for several days or just a few hours?
How much information do you want? Do you tend to wander or follow a precise schedule? Do you prefer to walk, linger or hurry?
Tell me about you, and together we will decide what to discover and how.